Our Story

The Suit Broker is a full service “Custom Clothier”. We have been in the clothing industry since 1997 and have experience in all facets of Men & Women’s executive apparel both Custom-Made and higher end tailored clothing. We have taken all of our years in the industry and created a service that consists of one Goal: “To make our clients look Amazing for whatever event or situation that they find themselves in”

We go above and beyond the norm and have created our impeccable VIP Service “We Come To You” in your home or office providing you with not only the finest fabrics and construction around but also our invaluable “Image consulting” that is customized to each individual or group specific to they’re very own industry & situation that they are in!

The Suit Broker eliminates all of the time and hassles of traditional shopping for Custom-Made and off the rack tailored apparel. No more wasting your time & money running around to the malls or surfing the net hoping to find something from a company’s “cookie-cutter” product line.

What we do for our clients is similar to a qualified real estate broker who is very skilled in the art of finding you a home or office for your family or business. We listen & document specifically what your likes and dislikes are, what you’re comfortable with in terms of look, style & budget and then we create an Image and Brand Custom-Made specifically for you! We then shop the World for you by going Directly to the manufactures and mills that provides us with what is the very best for you and your particular lifestyle.

We are consistently upgrading in the latest technologies and information in styles, measurements, fabrics, construction, documentation, profiles, brands & images that will help us service our clients no matter where they may be in this world.

The Suit Broker specializes in the “Movers and Shakers” of industry from Pro Athletes, to top executives, celebrities, politicians, to individuals and corporations that pride themselves on their image and brand. We know how busy our clients can get and how valuable there time really is and we are always there when they need us!

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