How It Works

The Suit Broker is a “Service” and our products are “Executive Apparel for Men” (women’s product lines coming soon). Because we have been in the executive apparel industry since 1997 we have established many relationships and accounts with clothing and fabric manufactures, distributors & wholesalers all around the world.

When our clients are in the market for any executive apparel (business, business casual, formal, accessories, ect…) we will put together a “Client Profile” consisting of an interview that will go over colors, patterns, styles, sizes, budgets, ect… then we will run that information through our database and look for an exact match and then our stylists will put together an entire wardrobe/wardrobes that is customized to our clients specifications.

We will then set up an appointment in our clients home or office or one of our showrooms to go over the wardrobe/wardrobes to make sure everything is to our clients approval!

We also provide “Custom-made” apparel for our clients from the finest fabrics and mills around the world! Once again, whatever our client’s needs & wants are, we will make it happen!

The Suit Broker saves our clients time & money by taking care of all of the details.

“We Search, We Find and You Look Amazing”

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